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Blooma Tree Experts Customer Reviews

Thanks again for tackling our giant magnolia - we see hope for the future! I want to remark again, with appreciation, on the collegiality of your crew, your amazing mentorship of them, and the beauty of your work together. It was wonderful to watch and benefit from!
Victoria K., Greenwood, Seattle, WA

Thanks very much for the great job on the trees in my backyard! I appreciate it - and will be sure to call again whenever I need help from an arborist!
Ann D., Wedgwood, Seattle, WA

Thank you! We are very happy with the work and cleanup, and we’ll leave a good review on-line.
Cliff S., Rainier Valley, WA

Last year, after you trimmed the front-corner doug fir, I was uncertain that enough of the right pieces had been trimmed. But, frankly, the tree is a handsome success. So this is a belated but enthusiastic thank you.
Jean C., Green Lake, WA

This is the second or third time we have used Blooma Tree Experts for our trimming needs. We have numerous mature trees around our home and whenever they need a trim or a little attention, we go directly to Martin at Blooma Tree Experts. Martin is an experienced and thoughtful arborist and has given us great advice over the years on how to best care for and maintain our trees. His crew is extremely well trained and skilled in trimming trees in order to keep them healthy and growing strong for years to come. The equipment and techniques he uses is state of the art and enables his team to tackle most any challenge. They are professional from start to finish and we wouldn’t trust the care of our trees to anyone else! [posted on Google]
Karen S., Kenmore, WA

Thanks to you and your crew for doing such an exceptional job. I'm so impressed with how professional everyone acted and the skill with which they removed our trees. You would never know so many people spent the day working here; it's as if the trees were plucked off my hillside by an invisible giant in the sky.
Therese R., West Seattle, WA

Please thank your charming boys and crew . . . Tons of positive comments on a job well done. I'm touting your name and skills the old-fashioned way--face-to-face.
Aurora V., Wallingford, Seattle, WA

Your company did a great job. Especially the guy who was on the top of the Hawthorne tree and trimming it. We are very impressed and will tell all our friends.
Gina and Dan S., Ballard, Seattle, WA

Thanks for doing a great job - your side of the tree looks much better than what the City's people did on the street side earlier. It's amazing how much light now comes into my kitchen.
Susan V., Northgate, Seattle, WA

I really appreciate the good work and professionalism and will post a review. That's the world we live in now...but I will also refer your business when I get a chance and call again when we need some work. Thanks again,
Joyce T., Shoreline, Seattle, WA

I live across the street from a house where your crew was working today. I was out in my yard for part of the time and wanted to say how impressed I was with what I was watching and hearing. They were communicating very well together and seemed really interested in the trees they were working on, talking about what they were seeing and what they were doing. And the work they (trimming out dead branches) did looks fantastic. Really good to see a crew work so well together.
Clint K., Haller Lake, Seattle, WA

I just received a phone call from Alpine, saying that when they got there to clean the gutters, they were already clean! So, they didn't charge me anything, which was very nice. I suspect now that you cleaned the roof as part of the tree trimming/limbing/debris cleanup. Thank you so much.
Susan V., Maple Leaf, Seattle, WA

Thank you for your excellent work.
Mavis S., Windermere, Seattle, WA

We are really pleased with the work you and team did for us. We would also like to get a quote for trimming up the thujas along the north side and also for removal of the trees in our parking strip.
Royce C., Magnolia, Seattle, WA

Thanks so much for working on the trees in my yard. They look great!
Marcia P., Maple Leaf, Seattle, WA

It all looks great. Thanks, and thanks also for always being so gentle on the garden and for cleaning up. Josiah and his crew are great.
Martha K., West Seattle, WA

Job well done! Very much appreciated and I would recommend your work. Thanks again.
Ed M., Wallingford, Seattle, WA

We were extremely pleased with everyone with Blooma. Martin has put together and exceptional team and I believe many of our neighbors were also impressed the work they did as well as the results. Thank you.
Eric and Susan B., The Highlands, Seattle, Washington

My tree looks beautiful. You really do create works of art!
Bob A. Seattle, Washington

Great work – quick, clean, and fairly priced. Thanks to the entire crew.
Jim R., Wedgwood, Seattle, Washington

Thank you for your work and your crew’s work also. Things were all swept clean. I really appreciated that.
Elaine P., Greenwood, Seattle, Washington

Thanks again for takiing the time--and last minute--to look at that tree! I appreciate it! I almost named my daughter Blooma--but she came out very olive colored--so Olive she is! Take care--
Maria P., Wallingford, Seattle, WA

Your guys did a nice job here on the laurel and all the other trees and shrubs around the property.
Catherine M., Ballard, Seattle, WA

You have a wonderful crew.
Jane S., Wedgwood, Seattle, WA

Thank you. You did a great job.
Marlene Y., Queen Anne, Seattle, WA

Thank you so much for all your work. The pear tree looks great! and I appreciate the removals. All the best,
Jean K., Beacon Hill, Seattle, WA

Thank you very much for giving us your "dump" of wood chips and bringing it to our church grounds. I think you gave us 2 such "gifts" and we are so grateful to you and your company.
Leslie M., Lake City Christian Church, Seattle

Our Norway Maple looks beautiful and happy! Very professional job on both trees. Thx!
Terri & Kevin, Wallingford, Seattle, WA

Yard looks great--much more light. I'll Yelp or Judy'sBook you!
Carole C. Madrona, Seattle, WA

Thank you so much for your prompt expert work. What a difference with thinning the trees and opening the view. Psychologically I feel so much better. I will certainly recommend your company.
Nancy T. Mercer Island, WA

Thanks for a great job!
June S. Green Lake, Seattle, WA

May thanks for the great job of cedars removal and clean-up of my "errant" potted trees!!!!
Ronald C. Green Lake, Seattle, WA

Your workers came and removed 3 large cedar trees from our front yard and pruned 4 fruit trees in our backyard. We are very happy with the results--thank you for your efficient and thorough work!
Mary Y. and K.C. R. Wedgwood, Seattle, WA

Thanks for coming & taking care of my trees! I've been worried about the little Japanese Maple and now it looks like a tree (instead of a bush). The pruning you did for the other maples really cleaned up our act on the parking strip - and thanks for hauling away the little dead tree, as well. You were prompt, and I am relieved to know the trees have such good caregivers!
Kathy B Green Lake, Seattle, Washington

5 Stars! Blooma was the only company to give me a timely estimate for the project and the work was then done quickly, efficiently, and the price was well under other bids that I received. I will certainly use Blooma again for my other projects. Thank you!
University District, Seattle, Washington

We are so pleased with the work you did on our trees. We'll definitely put up a review on Judy's list or Yelp. Thank you!
Mike and Ruth Maple Leaf, Washington

Martin - thank you so much for sending your crew over. They did a great job, and did excellent clean up as well. The birch tree is no longer hanging over and looks 100% better! It is a pleasure to work with you.
Joanie Maple Leaf, Seattle, WA

I had dinner at Sabina's last evening. The trees are so beautiful..with the moon shining through..they are pieces of sculpture. She is happy too. You and your crew do such great work.
Thomas Ballard, Seattle, WA

Nice work! Send on over the bill! Thank you for making us look good.
Erik W., West Woodland, Seattle Langstraat-Wood, Landscape Architecture

Thank you so much for a job well done. It was a pleasure from start to finish.
Laddie R. Maple Leaf, Washington

Hi Martin, You trimmed a large tree in my West Seattle backyard a month or so ago (clearing the way for an electrical upgrade). I never had an opportunity to extend my thanks for your services well done. My wife and I were pleased with your work and your professionalism. Be assured we'll be thinking of you for any arborist needs in the future.
Kevin M. West Seattle, Washington

Thank you for your outstanding service.
Rick E. Shoreline, Washington

You guys were impressive!
Irene M. Shoreline, WA

My clients have been very pleased with your company's work. Thank you!. . . Thanks again and send more business cards.
Christopher Hogan, WCN/CPH In Harmony Landscape

To: The most handsome tree service crew ever: Thank you for making my garden so much more beautiful!
Sabina B. Wedgwood, Seattle, WA

I went by Bellevue Place and the pruning job was fantastic – accomplished everything needed but I could barely tell the trees had been touched it was so discreetly done. Thanks!
Michael C. CondoManagements, Inc.

Martin, I just want to make you aware of the outstanding job the crew did here at LPC. They all conducted themselves with professionalism, respected the property grounds, and fulfilled the HOA large tree trimming needs to exact specifications.
Sid H. Bitter Lake, Seattle, Washington

We are more than pleased at the work your employees did for us. Thank you!
Brady and Doreen Sandpoint, Seattle, WA

Thank you again! It makes me feel good our tree-life has been cared for. Spring will bring wonderful results.
Pauline P. Wedgwood, Washington

Everything looks great. The guys worked hard and fast. Thanks.
Jeff M. Seattle, WA

Thank you so much for your great work!
Sarah H. Maple Leaf, Seattle, WA

Your guys were great! Thank you!
Paul T. Madrona, Washington

Martin and his crew did a great job on pruning our neglected trees and shrubs, including a huge dogwood, overgrown rhody and all our fruit trees. What a difference! Martin was responsive to our concerns and went the extra mile to make sure the job was to our satisfaction. We'll use Blooma Tree Service for future jobs and refer them to tree-owning friends!
Laurie L. Ballard, Seattle, WA

You were there when you said you'd be. You kept me informed of what you were doing. And you did what you said you'd do. That is unusual to find. I'll refer you to my friends and neighbors.
Martin B. Maple Leaf, Washington

Thanks, Martin, for a job well-done.
Christine K. Lake Forest Park, WA

Many thanks for a job well done. You have a very good work crew. They were here early (Sept. 3) and completed their job fast (2 trees).
Dorothy W. Green Lake, Seattle, WA

Thank you for all that you and your crew did! What a difference you made. I will be sure to keep your card and refer you to all of my friends.
Janet B. Leschi, Seattle, Washington

Martin and his professional, polite, hard working crew performed a miracle in our yards, turning 18 years of overgrowth into a gorgeous, manageable work of art. I strongly recommend Blooma. To say that I am pleased with their work is a major understatement. If you are thinking of pruning projects as a burdensome frightening overwhelming life event, you should contact Blooma. Since they completed the major pruning project (AT A VERY REASONABLE COST), I am now loving spending time in my yard, admiring it. I surprised the crew with a homemade chili and pizza lunch (and a healthy tip, because they worked HARD!!) Thank you, Martin, Jean-Luc, Vuka and Mike!!!
Walter M. Ballard, Washington

Thanks to the Blooma crew--you did a great job. We enjoyed watching you work. Did a great clean up, too!!
Irene I. Mercer Island, Washington

Martin & Crew: Thank you for your efficient and courteous service! We so appreciated your help and good work.
Susan and Jerry D. Mt. Baker, Washington

Very pleased with the work and have already recommended you to two landscape clients of mine.
Thomas A. Maple Leaf, Seattle, WA

Thank you! The crew left everything very neat and tidy, and did a great job.
Diane K. Laurelhurst, Seattle, Washington

Martin, Thank you for your prompt and professional attention to our tree. We are very happy with the results.
Jaimee H. Shoreline, WA

Thanks Martin! Great work and even better service!
Ricky and Liz Pinehurst, WA

Martin--I like how the Madronas turned out. More light comes through without destroying the 'look.' I'm giving your card to a lady across the street.
Carolyn P. West Seattle, Washington

Thanks for the great job. It was everything I wanted.
Chuck N. Matthews Beach, Washington

Oh my God, it looks so good. They did such a good job. . . they cleaned up nicely, and it looks just beautiful. Thank you so much for all of that work.
Ann, West Seattle, WA Outlook West Condominiums

Good, speedy work. Thanks!
Gary L. Wallingford, Seattle, WA

From your first visit for the estimate, I was impressed not only with your knowledge about trees and the proper way to care for them but also your willingness to educate me. Your information and link on your website to verify ISA certification for other contractors was a generous lesson indeed! It also cemented my trust in you and the service you had to offer. You not only delivered the service on time, per our agreed schedule, but you and your crew left my yard looking cleaner than you found it upon your arrival! I would be happy to serve as a reference to others for your services. Please feel free to list me in this capacity. Again, thanks for the education and the care of my 100 year old tree!
Ruth W. Seattle, Washington

FABULOUS job. Love it. As you know, those hawthorne trees seem to shed 24/7/365! Thanks again. Love your work.
Alexis T. Ballard, Seattle, WA

It was a pleasure to refer you on to others because of your prompt response time and the good work (including clean-up) done by your crew. Everyone we've referred you to has been just as happy with your work as Mike and I have. Thank you again.
Sue B. Windermere

We want to use you for our next house.
John and Tabitha B. Maple Leaf, Washington

The trees at the Ballard bungalow are very happy. You guys did a great job! Blooma is saved in my mailbox!
Alan Ballard, Seattle, Washington

Thanks for a great job. Your guy that you sent out was really helpful and nice. He did a quick, thorough, and clean job. I will recommend your services!
Mark M. Ballard, Washington

Thank you for such an impeccable job!
Andrea and Lin Matthews Beach, Seattle, WA

The front walkway looks so much better and safer. Thank you!
Jennifer S. Maple Leaf, Seattle, WA

[As reported on] Martin came out to give us the estimate. He was very knowledgeable about each kind of tree and the proper kind of pruning needed. He wrote up an estimate and provided it to me on the spot. On the day arranged, four guys showed up with all their equipment, verified what needed to be done and got right to work. They were very polite, professional, and efficient. They also cleaned up very nicely after their work. . . . I was really satisfied and pleased with their work.
Misty K. Bothell, Washington

Our trees look wonderful! Thanks again for making them so happy!
Karla B. West Seattle, WA

Thanks! Good job all around. Good crew.
Jim M. Maple Leaf, Seattle, WA

Thank you so much, Martin! Your crew is very competent, hardworking, paying attention to detail and also very polite. :-)
Alex M. Greenwood, Seattle, WA

Pamela and I are so thrilled with the work you and your team did - each time we walk out onto a relatively clean deck we think of you fondly!
Patrick S. Shoreline, Washington

Job well done! Very much appreciated and I would recommend your work. Thanks again.
Ed M., Wallingford, Seattle, WA
I live across the street from a house where your crew was working today. I was out in my yard for part of the time and wanted to say how impressed I was with what I was watching and hearing. They were communicating very well together and seemed really interested in the trees they were working on, talking about what they were seeing and what they were doing. And the work they (trimming out dead branches) did looks fantastic. Really good to see a crew work so well together. Clint K., Haller Lake, Seattle, WA

Thank you for your great work in removing our trees! Very much appreciated.
Jennifer P., Wedgwood, Seattle, WA

He [Martin Macauley] was prompt, professional and polite--as were his contractors. They did everything they promised in a timely manner. I was thankful for a good contractor for all these reasons and would definitely recommend Blooma Tree to a friend, family member, or colleague.
Medina, Washington

Thanks again for such a great job on the trees in my backyard. I included a $30 tip for each of the four workers. If you could pass it along and give them my thanks too - that would be great.
Adrienne, South Seattle, WA

Your crew was very professional and cheerful. Our Norway Maple looks great--I was afraid it would look butchered, but I really appreciated how your man pruned it. Thank you!
Kevin and Terri, Magnolia, Seattle, WA

My tree loved your work. Thank you so much for your efforts.

Dear Martin, Thank you for the good work and professional experience. I will keep your business in our files for future projects.
Don M., Matthews Beach, Washington

Your crew did a fantastic job! I was a little nervous about the whole process, but was really impressed by how quickly and professionally the job was done.
Lisa, Wallingford, Seattle, Washington

Customer Reviews


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We provide full tree care services to the greater Seattle area, as well as West Seattle, Shoreline, Edmonds, and Bothell to name a few.

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  • ISA Certified Arborist #PN-5768-A (click to verify)
  • ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering (UW '85)
  • Master's, Business Administration (Seattle U '90)
           Josiah's Credentials:
  • ISA Certified Arborist #PN-7246-A
  • ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor
  • B.A., Business (UW 2010)
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