ISA Certified Arborists Providing Tree Removal, Pruning, Stump Grinding, and other Tree Services
in the Seattle area.

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(206) 714-9835


Seattle Tree Service

We are a family-owned tree service offering the highest quality tree care in the greater Seattle area -- now with 4 ISA Certified Arborists and 2 Certified Tree Risk Assessors!

We will take care of all your tree service needs in an efficient and friendly manner,
providing expert tree removals, fine tree pruning, and stump grinding. We'll leave your site clean, too. As always, estimates are FREE!

Licensed, bonded, and insured
(lic#BLOOMTE921J4) for your peace of mind.
f you need a tree evaluation or other tree service near Seattle - and would like to consult with an ISA Certified Arborist - click here for a free estimate or call us at: (206) 714-9835
Co-Owners Josiah and Martin Macauley
ISA Certified Arborists (PN-7246A and PN-5768A)
ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessors
Blooma Tree Services and Landscaping:
  • Tree Removals -- any size, any location, safely and efficiently
  • Tree Pruning -- per ISA recommendations and training; three ISA Certified Arborists ensure a proper job
  • Shrub and Bush Pruning (Landscaping) -- per Plant Amnesty training, we meld plants' and homeowners' needs
  • Hedge Trimming (Landscaping) -- creating a neat, effective hedge to improve appearance and utility
  • Stump Grinding (Landscaping) -- quick and efficient with our Vermeer 252 stump grinder
  • Crown Reduction -- reducing the height of trees with proper cuts, rather than topping indiscriminately 
  • Crown Raising -- removing lower branches safely to improve appearance and access 
  • Tree Cabling -- helping to stabilize co-dominant stems by installing the Cobra Dynamic Cabling System
  • Tree Evaluations -- by ISA Tree Risk Assessor approved by all local cities for tree assessment
  • Clean Site -- we leave your site clean with our thorough three-step cleaning system.
  • NEW Birch Tree Treatment - to eradicate the Bronze Birch Borer and save your Birch trees

We Make Your Trees Living Works of Art

  We pride ourselves on our professionalism, education, and tree expertise. 


Martin Macauley, Josiah Macauley, Ben Kirsop #PN-7880A and Drew Cheney

Zane May Bill Andrews (Safety Officer) Jack Aydelott


Office Manager: Judy Macauley                      Office Assistant: Marie Abaya

    December 2014
Our Crew after a hard day pruning the trees at the REI Flagship store in Seattle.
Making Seattle more beautiful, one tree at a time.

Customer Reviews

Hazardous Tree Removal
 Over House & Deck


Ben demonstrates his hedging skills.

Martin makes trimming a hedge side easy.

Areas of Tree Service:

We provide full tree care services to the greater Seattle area, as well as West Seattle, Shoreline, Edmonds, and Bothell to name a few.

Martin's Credentials:

  • ISA Certified Arborist #PN-5768-A (click to verify)
  • ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering (UW '85)
  • Master's, Business Administration (Seattle U '90)
           Josiah's Credentials:
  • ISA Certified Arborist #PN-7246-A
  • ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor
  • B.A., Business (UW 2010)

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